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Our Services

Our services our tailoured to the needs of the market.

We design, fabricate and install exterior signage ranging from channel letters to pole signs and monument signs.

We are also able to provide interior signage solutions for clients looking for an interior redesign.

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Channel Letters

Channel Letters an come individually mounted or on a raceway. It is a common, yet excellent, way of marketing a business and plays a crucial part in branding and increasing foot traffic.

Vinyl and Banners

Stallion Signs will be providing customers with floor-to-floor vinyl options as well as banners for interior and exterior use.

PVC Signs

This is primarily used for interior signage. We will have the capability to design and transform the interiors of the business with uniquely designed and well-placed signage.


Stallion Signs provides services aimed at keeping your signs looking brand new. We also use high quality products so your sign can be maintained with minimal effort!

FREE Estimates

We provide free estimates to all those interested in working with us. Give us a call or message and lets talk!



We provide repair services so that your business experiences minimum downtime.
No signs means no business!


Monument Signs

Perfectly placed these are mainly closer to the ground and used for eye-catching marketing from all angles.

Pylon Signs

Used in plazas with multiple businesses as a way of showcasing every business in the plaza, this can be fantastic way to show off whats inside!

Pole Signs

Unique signs can vary in height but all have the same premise. These are typically used to increase awareness of a business location from further away.

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